“Real-world, real-life insights. A book that every lawyer should read.”
- Michael E. Tigar
        Author of  
Persuasion:  The Litigator’s Art and Examining Witnesses         

You want to try cases? Consider this required reading.

This book brings to life actual trial transcripts that are both entertaining and educational . . . you will grow and improve with each chapter!

- Lisa Blue, Ph.D, JD

I will definitely order a copy of this book for every associate in my firm and  recommend that others do so too.”

- Steve Susman, Susman Godfrey L.L.P.

The authors should be commended for their extraordinary effort in producinga book that will be so valuable to up-and-coming trial attorneys.

- Dan Webb

Winston & Strawn

Melsheimer and Smith—trial lawyer and judge—have produced a one-of-a- kind, easy-to-read guide that will help any lawyer achieve courtroom mastery.

- Mark Lanier

The Lanier Law Firm

Virtually every law student strives to learn what great lawyers and judges know  about the art of the jury trial. Here the wish is granted: this book allows every student to learn from two masters of the subject.

- Ward Farnsworth

Dean of the University of Texas School of Law

I have read scores of ‘how to’ books and articles on trial advocacy

and this one  tops the list.”

- Dick Sayles

Sayles Werbner

  "This is a must-read for every trial lawyer striving to achieve excellence."  

- Charla Aldous

                        Aldous \ Walker                            


"Melsheimer and Smith have done it!

On the Jury Trial is an exceptional resource for anyone preparing for trial."

 - Tracy Walters McCormack

               Director of Advocacy, University of Texas School of Law                          


"We sometimes hear the jury trial is vanishing.

However, Mr. Melsheimer and Judge Smith affirm that the art of jury persuasion is alive and well and thriving within the covers of On the Jury Trial."

 - Mark Werbner

                                                   Sayles Werbner                                                                      


"In one book, receive courtroom mentoring from a great trial lawyer and a great trial judge. This is the newest book on my short list for developing the best trial lawyers."

- Professor James Wren

                                                        Baylor Law School                                                                                         


"Melsheimer and Smith are legal superstars

and On the Jury Trial is the best new trial and courtroom handbook." 

 - Alan Albright

  Bracewell LLP